Re-building Project of Namgyal Monastery
The terrible earthquake in Nepal has not only affected the eastern and western region of Nepal, it has also affected in Mustang, where many old monasteries and local houses were left cracked and damaged.

The devastating earthquake and constant aftershocks has severely damaged the main shrine hall of the Namgyal monastery. The roof and walls are completely damaged by the earthquake which destroyed the wall paintings. In fact, our monastery is already in need of renovation and rebuilding due to leakage of rainwater and melted snow water and this terrible earthquake has destroyed badly that we must have to take a quick step to rebuild the monastery in sooner day. With the help of local people and policemen, we have already moved the holy statues and artifacts from the monastery and kept in save place.

In order to preserve the old Buddhist artifacts and holy statues of the of monastery, it is our dire need to all rebuild the ancient historical Namgyal Monastery as soon as possible.

 If you wish to contribute for the rebuilding project of Namgyal Monastery, please write to us:

Construction of protective wall around the Namgyal Monastery, Mustang
Being one of the oldest monasteries in the area, Namgyal Monastery possesses some very old and hence, valuable Buddhist art and artifacts such as religious scriptures, paintings, statues, etc. The monastery stands alone on a hilltop at quite a distance from the village. Owing to the construction of roadways connecting the Mustang region to the plains, the consequent accessibility the neighboring regions have has increased the threat of theft at an alarming rate. Therefore the construction of a protective wall around the monastery is of great importance.

Completion of the construction of the Pal Ewam Namgyal Monastic School building in Pokhara

projectsThe buildings in the school were all constructed with the donations received from donors and friends. At the schools in Pokhara, up to 20 monks share a dormitory. The crowding not only contributes to the communicability of infections among the students, it also deprives them of any personal space that they require, especially as they grow older.
The construction of the school buildings has been suspended for the time being due to the lack of funds.

Nunnery School Building Project in Pokhara 2015/2016

Nunnery Building Project

Nunnery Building Project – Click for Gallery

We are determined to gradually build up good infrastructures, and put system in a place to address those issues that are preventing our children to get better access to education. The new school building will not only give a relief of paying huge amount of rental charges but more comfort and better place to study in a pleasant environment with a beautiful view of phew lake.

It is more than three years that we have been preparing for this project. The fund we needed to buy a plot of land and building new school was raised from various generous people and well wishers from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Namgyal Thupten Dharygeling Buddhist Dharma Centre, USA and Altevette Onlus,Italy who have been supporting Nunnery school.

The first Phase of school building will equipped 4 rooms (ground floor), 8 rooms on the first floor and 3 rooms in the second floor. We are hoping to complete our new school building in October 2016.


Construction of guest rooms for sponsors and other guests at the Pal Ewam Namgyal Monastic School, Pokhara
Since the school almost entirely runs on the help of friends and advocates from all around the world, we naturally have visitors, frequently. The school has plans to build a basic but comfortable guest house for the guests.