Ritual Ceremonies Performed

The older monks follow a daily prayer schedule that includes offering prayers to the Green Tara, recitation of the Barche Lamsel (prayer for clearing obstacles) and Trin-chöl (prayer to the protectors).ritual A Mahakala puja (practice of the Protector Mahakala for removal of obstacles) is also performed every month, dedicated to the sponsors and benefactors. Special ritual pujas are performed on special Buddhist occasions.

A ten-day Mönlam (recitation of wishing prayers for the benefit of all sentient beings) is held every 12th month of the Tibetan lunar calendar; a week-long Vajrayogini (Khajoe) puja (puja centered on the deity Vajrayogini who is considered the supreme manifestation of female enlightened energy); a week-long Hevajra puja; a three-day Nyung-ne retreat; a week-long Maha Vairocana puja are also organized. In the month of September, the monks perform a 5-day Yamantaka (Jigjey) puja. Over the summer, the monks also read the Ka-gyur (the collected sutras of the Buddha) in private residences at the request of householders.