Ways To Give

waysAlmost all students at the Pal Ewam Namgyal Monastic School and the Pal Ewam Namgon Nunnery School come from poor or destitute families. The school runs solely on the donations received from advocates and friends and the ever increasing number of students is putting a strain on the already limited resources. The school is responsible for providing accommodation, food, clothing, education, clothing, health care to almost a hundred monks and nuns in total.

A monetary donation would be the simplest, yet the most effective way of supporting us. We will be very thankful for any dependable consistent donations that we will be able to rely on in order to have the confidence to formulate bigger and more concrete plans. That said, any donation big or small is welcome and much appreciated.

We appeal to your generosity to kindly support our efforts to provide a pleasant environment of study to young children to, ultimately, make their lives more worthy and meaningful.


  • Sponsor a child for a year: US $536
  • Sponsor healthcare for a child for a year:  US $40
  • Sponsor clothing for a child for a year: US $78
  • Sponsor stationery for a child for a year: US $45
  • Sponsor a teacher’s salary for a month: US $120
  • Sponsor a non-teaching staff’s salary for a month: US $90
  • Request prayer(s) for your loved ones/ yourself/ any beneficiary and make a donation
  • Sponsor or make a donation towards the regular expenses (meal and snacks) for a year: US $20
  • Any monetary donation
  • Sponsor a specific child:

US$ 43 per month
US$ 536 per year

Sponsorship in general is a very effective and special kind of gift that directly aids the beneficiary, thereby helping the community in general. Sponsoring a specific child, in particular, is incomparable for the simple reasons that you have the chance to create a special bond with a child in need, thus changing your life and the life of the beneficiary; and the possibility of watching their young lives improve, owing considerably to your presence in their lives.

All sponsorships of children from the Pal Ewam schools will be acknowledged by the school and a letter of thanks will be sent to you on behalf of the abbot of the monastery or the principal of the school. Personal details and a photograph of the child you are sponsoring will be sent to you by e-mail or by post and you will be updated regularly of their well-being.

Give to a project:

  • Restoration of shrine hall roof
  • Construction of protective wall around monastery premise
  • Completion of the construction of the school building
  • Construction of nunnery school building
  • Construction of guest house

Send gifts:
The little monks and nuns here at the school come from poor or very poor families. In addition, during their six-month long stay in Pokhara for the winter session, they are three entire days or more worth of journey away from their homes in Mustang or further north. Since the school is just barely able to raise funds to provide in short supply only the very basic of necessities, any gifts of clothing, shoes, medicines, books, stationary, tidbits, etc. are very welcome and would make more than just a significant difference.

Become a fundraiser:
Organize an event of your choice in which you can conduct a fundraising benefit. Collect donations from individuals, organizations, local businesses, etc.

Spread the word:
Tell your family, friends and acquaintances about the school and more importantly, the young monks and nuns for whom this institution exists. Share your experience of being a sponsor, a volunteer or an advocate. Introduce our website to others or share pictures of your donee(s).

If you wish to help school or sponsor a child, please send your kind donation to this account:
A/C Name:         Pal Ewam Namgyal Monastic School
A/C Number:     11-22-524-282277-01-4

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