Nunnery School

In 2005, Ven. Khenpo Tsewang and former school Principal Ven. Lekshay Tendhar met two Italian lady, Mrs Francesca Stengel and Mrs Mariagrazia Ferro. Francesca and Mariagrazia returned several times to Namgyal monastery. During those recurring trips to Upper Mustang, visiting local communities and villages, they realized that girls and women at large had limited access to education.

In 2009, Francesca and Mariagrazia suggested Khenpo Tsewang regarding a nunnery school that offer education to girls. Khenpo Tsewang happily accepted the suggestion to start a girls' school because he also had a wish to renovate the nunnery tradition in Mustang. 

In October 2010, the Altevette-Onlus Association was established in Milan to give more momentum and strength to the fundraising activity in Italy to support the creation of a girl's school. The organization missioned to provide accommodation and education to girls from impoverished families living in the remote highlands of Upper Mustang and other Himalayan districts of Nepal.

On 15 June 2011, Khenpo Tsewang initiated a Nunnery school and built a Nunnery school in Trenkhar village. Nunnery school was inaugurated on 9 August 2012 by Altevette Onlus with its members, Mrs Francesca Stengel, Mrs Mariagrazia Ferro, Mrs Linda Ambrose, Mrs Deborah Wooden, Mrs Marzia Sampietro and Mrs Giusi Perego. 

In 2016, Mrs Linda Ambrose and Mrs Francesca Stengel decided to register a separate charity in the UK as Mrs Linda lives in the UK. That year, Altevette Project was established in the UK to manage the non-Italian sponsors, international sponsors and newly recruited UK based supporters. Altevette Onlus, and Altevette Project carry the same vision and mission. Even they work separately geographically, they have closely collaborated.

Until 2016, Nunnery mobile school in Pokhara had to conduct in a rental house. In 2016, the Nunnery school at Khapaudi, Pokhara was built with the generous financial help of Malaysian donors Mr Ho Kim Hee, Mr Goh Doal Tuck and Mr Ling Muo Tuan. On 27 October 2016, His Eminence Ngor Thartse Khen Rinpoche inaugurated the new building of Nunnery school at Pokhara. In 2017, five classrooms were built with the help of the Singapore volunteer group Love @ Pal, Mr Ong Wee Yeap and Ms Shiyuan.

Altevette Onlus and Altevette Project have maintained constant contact by visiting the nunnery school every year, either in Pokhara or in Mustang, and supporting the project to educate the girls. 


Our vision and mission 

  1. To provide opportunities for education to the girls living in the mountains of Mustang and other remote areas of Nepal.
  2. To nurture and provide free traditional Buddhist education combined with modern secular education.
  3. To develop attitudes of responsibility in children and to socialize children today for a better society tomorrow.
  4. To inspire and awakening among the community to preserve its cultural identity and ethical values in this changing world.
  5. To preserve and promote Buddha Dharma, restore the ancient nunnery and its values by keeping the religious harmony intact. 
  6. To take care of full development of child's personality including physical, mental, moral and intellectual development. 
  7. To create a secure and healthy environment to study for the girls.
  8. To produce self-motivated, courageous and conscious girls in society and to spread awareness on importance of girls' education.