Daily Activities











Starting days at 5 in the morning, our elder children gather in the shrine hall to pray while younger children learn to recite prayers in the class. After having breakfast at 7 Am, they have a morning dharma class.

 Morning assembly is at 9:15 Am 

The morning class starts from 9:30 Am to 12:10 Pm. Children have to attend four classes with a twenty-minute break in between.

Lunch break (12:10 Pm to 1:30 Pm)

The afternoon class starts from 1:30 Pm to 4:20 Pm. Again, there are four classes with half an hour tea break in between.

Refreshment time (4:20 Pm – 5:30 Pm)

Self-determined learning time ( 5:30 Pm – 6:45 Pm)

After dinner at 7:00 Pm, children attend the evening dharma class from 7:45 Pm to 8:45 Pm. During this class, children memorize prayer recitation texts. They memorize prayer recitation text according to age level.

9:00 Pm is the Time to take a sound sleep relaxing physically and mentally.